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Is Couples Therapy is Overrated?
Innovative Approach to Solving Relationship Problems

By Shana Stanton for

Couple's TherapyI’m going to give you a peek into my nearly twenty-year marriage.

It’s like this…we’re best friends and we do everything together. We even have a business together.

Sounds cozy, huh? Well, let me tell you, we’ve had our ups and downs just like everyone else. There are many times I’ve wanted to pull my hair out because of some of the things my husband does. Knowing it’s a two way street, I’m sure he feels the same about me.

And... now I’m being really honest here, deep down, there were times I considered getting a divorce. While we have a lot of good in our marriage, there were some characteristics my husband had that made me feel, well... invisible.

So let’s fast forward to the day I met Jean Haner and was drawn to her book, The Wisdom of Your Face.

I love the book so much that I’ve recommended it to everyone I know. It’s the only book I’ve ever recommended where all comments come back sounding something like this, “OMG, you were sooo right, The Wisdom of Your Face is fantastic -- I loved it! I finally get myself.”

At some point, I decided to take Jean’s face reading training. I hopped on a plane, and let me tell you, the time away from home was just what I needed because I learned more about solving common relationship problems in this class than anywhere else.

Who Knew Face Reading Class Would Be A Lesson In Relationships?

Jean gave tips on how to find your perfect match just by looking at their face (singles, that’s enough to quell your fears about online dating!). Since your facial features show your inner blueprint and his features show his, you can more successfully choose your ideal partner. Pretty cool for the singles, but what if you’re already married or in a committed relationship?

Thankfully, Jean had answers for us too. In fact, as Jean was teaching, I began to see the recipe for conflict in the features of my face and my husband’s face. The good news is, Jean explains how we can see the beauty in how people are naturally wired, and move beyond relationship problems.

Finding Out How You’re Wired & How He’s Wired Is Key to Solving Relationship Problems

By the last day of the workshop, we had begun to learn and apply more advanced concepts about each person’s true nature, how they behave when they get stressed and their karmic or lifelong challenge.

Now I had real relationship solutions. I finally knew exactly how I was wired and how my husband was wired. My face reading training notes read like a manual to solve all of our relationship problems... I’m not kidding.

When I got home, I started talking to my husband about what I learned.

I talked about the features we both had which could lead to conflict and since it was so right on, he totally got it. We began to talk about the issues that tripped us up all the time and started to craft solutions that would honor both our personalities.

Here Are Some Relationship Tips I Learned

Jean teaches many tips for having a better life, including relationship tips!

Here are some ways my husband is wired and how I used the relationship tips I learned:

He has a stronger need for respect and compliments... A LOT of them - Like, every day and multiple times per day. Since we work together, this includes a lot of praise for his work (he just loves that!) and I also throw in compliments when he’s done something really nice or smart.

It’s all about him, literally. We all are somewhat self-centered, but some people, like my husband, are wired to think first and foremost about themselves. That is what made me feel unnoticed, invisible. But this didn’t mean he wasn’t helpful or one heck of a nice guy. I found out that if I needed something, all I needed to do was ask! He’d jump right in and help once it was pointed out to him because it made him feel so proud to do it. And in the rare events when he got cranky after I asked, we had a framework to resolve this successfully because of what I learned in face reading class.

I need to be careful about feedback. Even the nicest feedback feels like criticism for him. Since we work together and our work requires me to give him feedback, this was a HUGE problem for us. It’s no longer a problem because I know to always start with what he did really well first!

It Takes Two to Tango…I Had Changes to Make Too!

Just so you don’t think I was only picking on my husband, I also learned a lot of things about myself that have made his life easier.

For example, I can be a bit too structured and focused on sticking to a schedule, sometimes to the point of being a workaholic. Since I learned that, I know where to back off in my own life and where to back off with expecting my husband to live that way as well. When my husband gets stressed, he becomes indecisive and sometimes, can’t take action at all. When I become stressed, I overwork and do everything the hard way. You can see where this can become a problem!

Now we know how to deal with it. Just knowing this is how we are naturally and what to do about it has made our own lives easier. Even better, it improved our relationship tremendously.

Romantic coupleMy Best Advice? Learn Face Reading Before Going to Couples Therapy

I used to periodically insist we needed couples therapy. I almost made the call several times. Now, I never think of it anymore. Instead, all I have to do is recognize how we’re wired, honor that and respond accordingly.

What I learned in Jean’s face reading class has made me love my husband more. I appreciate him for who he is and I no longer want to change him.

And just so you know, I also learned how to better love, honor and support myself.

The fears, stress and challenges I had in my own life are now recognizable and more easily managed.

I can finally move beyond what was limiting me in the past. I know for a fact that I’m easier to live with too, as a result.

I think everyone can benefit from Jean’s face reading training. You’ll find yourself getting better at all kinds of relationships – with your significant other, your colleagues, your kids and most of all, yourself.

Don’t wait until it’s in your area either. Jump on a plane if you have to. You and your relationship are worth it!

Feeling Unloved? Here’s What You Need to Know

Broken HeartBy Jean Haner

I was looking into the face of a woman in pain. Not physical pain, but pain on a spirit level, because somewhere in her system, the love was blocked.

As she described her struggles in life, I could clearly see the story written in the features and markings of her face.

Where is the Love Blocked?

The details of her mouth reflected the anguish in not feeling nurtured in her current relationship, but also revealed her long experience with that pattern throughout life, dating back to childhood. This part of her face showed me that she’d felt so bereft for so long that she was no longer even receptive to the love people did try to give her.

She told me with great disgust that she’d consulted world-famous therapists, coaches, healers and even psychics, trying to discover a way out, but no one had ever been able to help her. As I listened, I noticed details in her brow area that showed the years of feeling rejected and deprived had deepened to the point that it had transformed into anger, causing her to strike out at those closest to her, or refuse anyone who tried to help her.

Markings on her chin revealed how she’d powered through life on pure will, feeling unsupported, that there would never be anyone she could rely on or trust. And this had created a pattern of belief that kept her locked into feeling isolated and unsupported.

HeartsBut at the same time, as I gazed at her face, what was revealed was her true inner nature shining through -- the power and beauty of who she was meant to be -- and how it was all there just waiting for her to come home to.

Your Face Shows What You Need to be Happy

Face reading an ancient branch of Chinese medicine, which teaches that your personality, your inner design, and your whole life story can be read in the features of your face.

Each aspect of your face is like one piece of a puzzle, which, when viewed all together, creates the picture of who you came here to be, what you came here to learn, how you can express limitless love and find genuine happiness in life.

Your face also shows how you may have lost touch with your true nature, and so access to love becomes blocked, just as hers had. When the flow of love is blocked, this affects not only love from others, but your own self-love, and your ability to express love to others.

And this block can start to form very early in life, creating an imbalance that just compounds over the years.

When You Discover How to Create Balance, Your Life Can Heal Itself

Chinese medicine teaches that if your body is in balance, it heals itself. For instance, we all have cancer cells in our bodies all the time -- Why do some people get cancer and others donít? The principles of Chinese medicine show that if your body is in balance, it can clear diseased cells. So the goal with acupuncture is to bring the bodyís energy into balance and thus healing happens naturally.

The same concept applies to your inner spirit. When you can discover how to bring balance back on a spirit level, your life can heal itself.

Your Face Reveals the Spirit Level Work Needed to Make You Feel Happy and Loved

This is what I was reading in my client’s face -- the map of her spirit’s personal journey, how she had traveled away from her original nature to this unhappy point in life -- but ALSO how she could return to balance and have things unfold entirely differently from here.

While her mouth reflected her life challenges around relationship, it also showed a woman with a strong natural desire to give to others. Her inherent generosity of spirit and her ability to help people was the most powerful force in her life.

Certainly the messages from her eyebrows indicated anger, but they also marked a strong drive to create positive change for others, to make the world a better place. Her chin showed her tendency to go it alone, but it also revealed a natural ability to help other people find their strength in life.

In this woman’s case, her inner spirit was one that was especially drawn to showing up as a loving helper, the highest form of “mothering” presence for others as her true calling in life. But she could never achieve this in her current state of imbalance.

The messages on her face showed us the way to bring balance back, to resolve the decades-old experiences of feeling unloved and being unloving, and to transform the anger into a booster rocket that could blast through the stuck places and move her into her amazing power to love and help others, and receive the same in return.

There is a language each spirit speaks in its heart of hearts. When you can speak those words to that person, like magic, balance begins to return.

I could read this woman’s unique language in the features of her face, and as I began to speak it to her, her whole energy immediately began to change. And the love began to flow again.

Four Examples: What Your Face May Be Telling You

Your face offers many messages that can help you re-balance your life. Here are four examples:

1. Eyebrows: Your eyebrows reflect your drive and ability to achieve your vision for the future. If you pluck your eyebrows too severely or have scarring there, that inner strength can be diminished. Your self-confidence can falter, and angry or dominating people can be attracted to you.

If after years of plucking, your eyebrows no longer grow back, you can even use make-up to restore them and you’ll experience a corresponding effect on your spirit. In fact, many people have reported that once their confidence and drive started coming back, suddenly their eyebrows were growing back naturally! Your face is just a reflection of your inner self.

2. Eyes: If you have natural dark shadowing around your eyes, this indicates that you feel things more deeply than others do. Your feelings can be hurt more easily as well and if this happens, you may lose your voice, withdraw and feel a loss of trust which can damage the relationship.

It’s important to understand the other person may not even have known they hurt you, and find a way to re-establish communication. You may be surprised to discover that what they meant to say was not at all what you heard, and it can save you a lot of anguish.

3. Mouth: If you have wrinkles near your mouth, these are often signs you are over-giving and/or under-receiving in life. It’s important to look at how you may have lost your receptivity, or that you’ve been sacrificing your own needs far too often over the years. Now is the time to get “selfish” and practice excellent self-care!

These wrinkles are often signs of years of carrying too much responsibility or feeling guilty about ever saying no to someone, so it can take some time to change that pattern. Start in little ways, by giving yourself special treats or letting others help you in small ways such as carrying your groceries or making you a cup of tea!

4. Eyelids: In some faces, the upper eyelids are easily visible. If you have this kind of eyelids, it means you may have a tendency to be too good of a soldier – toughing things out and never asking for help. This doesn’t always serve you well and can cut you off from those who are trying to give you love.

In difficult times, you’ll tend to withdraw and never even let others know what’s going on. It’s important to allow yourself to explore ways you can comfortably reach out to friends and still feel like you have some privacy.

What could you learn in your own face, to know the places the love is blocked in your own life, and how you can release it to allow you to soar beyond all your limitations?

I’d love to help you -- the very best way is to join me in a workshop. Click here to learn more!

FREE Tele-class: Feb 8! Face Reading Your Relationships

The faces we’re in relationship with these days are both in person and online, in places like Facebook or online dating sites. If you know what to look for, there’s SO much you can see in the face you’re gazing at across the dinner table -- or conference room table -- or even in a little photo you’re viewing online.

You can see what that person spends their day thinking about, what they value, how they tend to perceive you, what they need in order to feel happy overall. And you get realistic expectations of what they’ll be like in your relationship with them, whether personally or professionally.

Join me in a free tele-class on Wednesday, Feb 8, to discover:

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Your Guilty Pleasure -- Celebrity Face Reading!

by Jean Haner

Heidi Klum and SealMy work isn't about reading celebrities' faces, but it can be valuable to use them as a kind of teaching tool because we're all so familiar with their appearance, and because they often represent archetypal images for us. So with that intent in mind, here are some observations about famous faces!

The news about Seal and Heidi Klum’s breakup has stirred a lot of interest because they seemed to be so happily bonded. When I look at where they are in the cycles of time, however, I can see that if a split was going to happen, it’d very likely happen when it did.

In face reading, every decade of your life is represented by a feature on your face. You can look at this feature to see what that person’s life will focus on during that period of time. Seal is in his 40s, and this time in life is represented by his nose and cheeks.

The information in this area of his face reveals that this would be a time of much success, but that his late 40s would compel him to deal with how sensitive he is on many levels.

This is actually a man with tremendous sensitivity, which makes him gracious and charming, as we’ve seen in his kind, gentle public communications about this break-up. But this nature also can make him overly sensitive, and we see this is the case from the scarring on his cheeks.

Even though these scars were caused by the disease lupus, they also have a meaning in terms of his emotional nature, and in this case, it’s that he’s overly-affected by the energy of other people, highly self-critical, and even inclined to developing an auto-immune illness like lupus.

This is a time when his attention will unavoidably focus on how he may have been sacrificing his own needs to always try make it nice for others, and how he can no longer live such an unauthentic life. This year in particular is the end of a major era for him, when it’s common for things like relationships to come to completion.

If by chance they do reconcile, it would be because Seal was able to complete old personal patterns that kept him stuck. This year for him is also a time when it’s easier for him to look at his old baggage and let it go.

Heidi’s face shows us a woman with a bright and enthusiastic nature, and tons of energy, but someone who’s not so sensitive or adaptable to others’ needs. She also has the potential to be impulsive and judgmental, and may also have emotional flare-ups that wouldn’t be easy for Seal to bear.

In her late 30ís now, she is dealing with the homework of that decade: having to integrate the life lessons sheís learned so far. This period is often a very hard one emotionally. The 30s is represented by the eyes, and in Heidiís case, her eyes do show this has been a difficult time in her personal life. And this year in particular is forcing her to deeply re-evaluate her life, whether she wants to or not.

No matter what happens between them as they move through this process, I wish all the best for these two talented people and their children.

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Louise L. Hay, New York Times best-selling author of
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Jean HanerJean Haner, the author of The Wisdom of Your Face and The Wisdom of Your Child's Face, teaches compassionate and affirming ways for people to understand their true nature and to look with love at everyone in their lives, including that reflection in the mirror. With her 30 year background in ancient Chinese principles of balance and health, Jean is well known for providing fun, fascinating and practical information that can be put to immediate use in your life.

Jean married into a Chinese family when she was in her 20's, and first learned face reading from her very traditional mother-in-law. It wasn't until years later that she discovered how tolerant her mother-in-law had been; since Jean had no “moneybags” on her face, she wasn't considered to be a lucky match for her husband!

She went on to study the deeper foundations of face reading with many teachers over the years, and learned that it has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with learning to be true to your nature.

What is face reading?

Chinese face reading is an ancient branch of Chinese medicine, which teaches that you were born with a personal blueprint that is yours and yours alone, and that this inner architecture can be seen in your outer design - the features of your face

The secrets of your inner nature and personal potential are eloquently inscribed in the curve of your cheeks, the shape of your eyes, the contour of your brows, the unique language of your original design. Learn more here.

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